The goals of the library are:

•    To provide organized collections of print and non–print resources which will meet institutional and instructional requirements as well as the individual needs of students not only in compliance with the minimum standards, but even beyond;

•    To create an environment in which resources are made readily accessible, more convenience and user friendly through the provision of appropriate facilities, furnishings, equipment, Audio-Visual Room, Internet, Electronic collections furniture, fixtures, supplies, and particularly  the provision of adequate staff; and

•    To facilitate learning and community services by providing services, resources and facilities which encourage and stimulate individualized instruction, independent study and effective use of resources by students, faculty and the community.

General Objective:

The library aims to assist the administration in the provision of quality education through of all its programs.

Specific Objectives:

1.    To continuously acquire books and other materials that will support and meet the needs, abilities and interests of students.

2.    To develop in students proper study habits and resourcefulness in the use of books and libraries and encourage the habit of personal investigation.

3.    To furnish the library with updated journals and basic reference materials needed.

4.    To satisfy the needs and demands of the users by implementing certain library standards in the area of library service.