Accreditation of all Programs

            ISU is constantly subjecting its program offerings to AACCUP accreditation. Continuous accreditation of program offerings has spun improvements in the level of these programs. AACCUP accreditation in 2015 resulted in 86 out of 109 accredited programs, 72 of which are programs in higher education and 14 are in advanced education.

             However, because of the increasing number of enrolees, there was an increase in the number of program offerings in the University that resulted to 113. As of July, 2016, the accredited programs totalled to 85 due to the phased out program which is Ph.D in Institutional Development Management.

       Table 2. Summary of Accredited Higher Education Programs as of July 7, 2016

 Summary of Accredited Programs as of July2016

Summary of Accredited Advanced Education Program